Qui nous sommes?

Notre compagnie a été fondée en 2016 en Suisse, et a pour but de devenir le leader dans le domaine de la création des films d'animation en Europe.

En dehors de l’animation, MK Production s’occupe de la production des autres projets liés au cinema ou à la television.

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  • Prénom:“Histoire alpine”
  • An:2017
  • Genre:Dessin animé

“Histoire alpine” est un dessin animé qui raconte une histoire de la vie dans la vallée au pied des Alpes. Ici on voit la combinaison d’un sujet dynamique et intéressant avec une image vive et qualitative avec les paysages ravissants et, ce qui est assez important, on y voit un aspect moral, visé principalement sur la création du bien, sur l’amitié et le dévouement, sur la conservation du bien- être et de la tranquillité de la vallée pacifique.

  • Name:“Les Emigrants”
  • Year:2018
  • Genre:Sitcom

Switzerland is one of the rare countries in the world where assisted suicide is legal. In link with this, recently, some travel agencies have begun to organise special trips to Switzerland for those wishing to voluntarily and easily end their lives.

One of these agencies organises the “Last Tour” and promises its tourists an unforgettable week: a journey through magnificent Swiss nature, such as mountains, lakes, while also visiting the best gastronomic restaurants in Europe, as well as the final evening, during which each of them will go exactly the way that they want to.

Each of the people who have made this decision have their own personal reasons and stories, and are convinced that this is the only correct way out. So as our travelers get to Switzerland and begin to communicate with each other, trying to get out of tough situations together, and some of them even change and start to overestimate their life and the decision that they’ve taken.

This film, while raising this important and serious topic, will be filmed as a black comedy. And most importantly, all the while talking about death, this film will celebrate life.

  • Name:“Aller simple”
  • Year:2018
  • Genre:Drame, comédie

Log Line:
The life of typical modern immigrants from different countries, set within a single European living space, trying to solve everyday problems and to deal with a bad neighborhood.

While looking for a place to live and in the goal of spending the smallest possible amount of money, immigrants that do not know each other and coming from different countries, sometimes even those warring against each other. They find a large townhouse in the center of town, in which 8 people can live at once. However, none of the people signing the contract realise at that moment that they will have to spend the following year surrounded by 7 different cultures and mentalities.

The heroes will fall in love, fight, and most of all solve intercultural problems within the realm of a single house that will be a reflection of the modern world and of the clichés imposed on it by society. That house will therefore be a vision of the same Europe that has taken in on its small territory many representatives of lots of different countries.


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Chers amis, nous sommes très honorés de vous informer que MK PRODUCTION participera MIPJUNIOR et MIPTV.

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Notre équipe

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CEO & Founder

Julie Aleks

Marketing and Sales Executive

Alice Dzodziev

La rédactrice technique

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Le traducteur Français-Russe

Valeriya Mnatsakanyan

Responsable de Relation Publique